What We Do

Adapt to market change

Changing customer perceptions, lack of situational understanding, and a misalignment with the changing consumer and marketplace dog every company – having a capability to understand and a process for responding to changes is key to maximize opportunities and sustain growth.

The capacity to recognize and respond to change is critical today, look at a Sears, or Blockbuster, or Toys-R-Us. We partner with you using artificial intelligence to provide a continual process of listening that keeps you aware of the changes happening to your customers and identifying opportunities that you can capitalize on:

  • Map authentic consumer beliefs and behaviors
  • Identify the usage scenarios & jobs to be done by the consumer
  • Prioritize the product features and messaging that are really valued and create differentiation
  • Identify the optimal profiles for finding and reaching your consumers where they are
  • Build the systems that will provide constant updates and KPI’s that matter
  • Continually listen to your consumers looking for changes and opportunities to improve

Improve Brand, Reputation, and Customer Experience

A positive customer relationship is key to differentiating yourself in today’s market. We work with you to fully operationalize the program and deliver peace of mind in knowing how your brand and reputation is being impacted online, then partner with you to identify and execute on opportunities to improve your brand, solidify positive relationships and reputation, and engage customers with an experience they want to tell others about. The opportunities that we find are unique to your business, but we follow a process that gives a framework to the challenge.

For most clients we start with an AI powered Online Reputation Audit. Providing a map of all online activity that may be actively impacting your brand. Not just a few review sites, but searching through the millions of sites and billions of authentic customer interactions that impact your brand every day. Our process also includes:

  • Map Authentic Experiences- This is where we identify and measure the range of authentic beliefs, and experiences that consumers are sharing that impact your reputation online.
  • Segment and Prioritize- Using AI and advanced data analytics we dig deeper by segmenting the key audiences and identifying and prioritizing the opportunities that will provide you the most value to your brand and to your bottom line.
  • Strategy and Action- Once the opportunities are prioritized, we partner to develop strategies and take action to capture the value of these insights.
  • Measure and Maximize- Finally, we partner to create a continuing cycle of growth, by helping to measure the impact of your strategies and continuing to listen to the consumer to make improvements and maximize the return on investment.

Facilitate Buy-In for Digital Transformation

At this point in your career, you’ve probably seen that it is possible to have the right customer insight, the right direction, and the right strategy and then for the project or program to fail because the organization would not align around that customer truth.

We’ve helped drive organizational change at some of the biggest companies in the world, and know what it takes to get alignment and drive results. While every situation requires a custom understanding we have a core process we follow to help you achieve the change, and results your are working towards

  • Map the key stakeholders concerns, values and priorities
  • Persuade and align stakeholders to invest and join the journey
  • Manage the communication so everyone is comfortable with the changes taking place
  • Reinforce changes so that they stick