About Us

Reveal Why has over 94 years of combined experience working with businesses just like yours!


Burke Powers
Founder & Managing Director
For more than 20 years, Burke has helped companies achieve both short-term sales and long-term branding and reputation. He did this by operationalizing a holistic customer experience program and driving digital transformation, so his clients could understand and adapt to changing customer, market, and competitor dynamics. In addition, He led the creation of advanced business analytics programs to help executives and senior management of SMB’s and Fortune 100 companies alike to drive growth, transformation and innovation both domestically and internationally. He led change and impact at many companies, including JetBlue Airways, IBM, PayPal, Nationwide, Macy’s, JPMorgan-Chase, DirectTV, Microsoft, Nike, and Walmart.


Bryan Packham
For 29 years, Bryan has been a service driven, international business development leader who creates successful multi-win sales with a strong network of contact and a unique ability to relate to a vast audience set. He has worked in global Fortune 500 meeting rooms including AT&T, USPS, Intuit as well as with governments, entrepreneurs and other business leaders all over the world.

James Rich
VP Customer Success
James brings his talents most recently from Facebook where he helped Mark Zuckerberg and the executive team in global response and communication strategy. With 15 years of professional market research he has focused on improving companies through better customer understanding and communication including, crisis comms challenges for companies like Navy Federal Credit Union, Walmart, PepsiCo, and the Nuclear Energy Institute.

Manya Mayes
VP Analytics
With over 27 years industry expertise working on text analytics, AI and data science problems, Manya is both a leader and practitioner helping direct analytics at fortune 500 companies including Ameritas, Bank of America, Costco, Ford, Honda, Allstate and State Farm with use cases such as early warning, risk, customer acquisition, next best action, retention analytics and more. Manya’s goal is to help organizational leadership improve strategic decision making using analytics.